Introduction to Vim


Vim is a very powerful editor, which makes life on the command prompt much easier. It stands for Vi IMproved and is the successor of the ancient tool Vi. The biggest advantage of Vim is the ability that you can use it on the command line. Stuck on a headless server and have to edit configuration files? No problem, just fire up Vim and you are good to go. It provides you with everything you want from a editor: syntax highlighting, searching and replacing, automatic indentation of your code and spell check. If you use Vim you will notice that it integrates very much into your system, you can use it for almost any task. A lot of plug-ins provide extra functionality (e.g. tab completition) or support for frameworks like Ruby on Rails.

This project will provide a short introduction to Vim, covering basic file editing, explanation of Vim specific features and functions as well as the plug-in system. It should provide you with everything you need to make the step and become a Vim user.

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