• Summer project: LMB

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    And for another time I picked up work on a almost forgotten project: The lawn mower bot (lmb). Together with my girlfriends dad I started this project quite a while ago. He wanted a automatic lawn mower, but we both considered the prices unreasonable high. So we decided to give it a try and started building our own mower. The first part was very easy: take some DC motors from China, mount them on a piece of wood. For the mowing part we used replacement part from a real automated mower. An arduino should become the heart of the lmb.

  • How to resize kvm raw image with GPT partitions

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    I am running several VMs with kvm. After a little while I noticed that I was a little to stingy with the amount of space assigned to each VM.

  • Summer project: Manatee

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    Some days ago Max and I restarted working on a project we both started some time ago. After a short while of poking in the code, we both decided that it would be much faster and cleaner to just drop the old code and start from scratch. So we did. Right now it is looking good and are making good progress. Lets hope we can finish the project before it gets boring and starts to rot away in the project folder like so many other projects…

  • Gentoo install speed through

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    The instructions in the “Gentoo handbook”:http://www.gentoo.org/doc/en/handbook/handbook are very good if you are doing the setup for the first time. Now I just open it to not forget anything and scroll over the most, so today I decided to make my own check list.